MilestoneApply: How to Apply for the Milestone Credit Card?


If you have interest in becoming a Milestone Gold cardholder this article will guide you through how to apply for the card no matter whether you already have an invitation code or still need to be pre-approved. Applying for the Milestone card is simple. You need a invitation code which amounts to being pre-qualified. This is required, no ifs, ands or buts about it! Some people get a targeted offers in the mail with an invite code already attached and others don’t.

Whether you got a targeted invite or not, applying to become a new Milestone credit card holder is simple.

No Invite Code


If you want the Milestone credit card but don’t have an invite code don’t worry because you can easily obtain one by visiting

From there just enter your name, email, phone number, date of birth and social security number to get a pre-qualification decision.

If you are pre-qualified you will need to continue with you invite code at or

Note: The pre-qualification process will have on impact on your credit according to Concora Credit, Inc.


Already have an Invite Code

For those that already have an invite code you can skip the pre-qualification page and go straight to or

Once on this page just enter your invite code and complete the remainder of the application to apply to be a new Milestone Gold credit card holder. You should get an instant decision.

Note: Having an invite code does NOT automatically guarantee approval.



Applying for the Milestone Mastercard is simple no matter whether you have received a targeted offer with an invite code or not. If you’re interested in becoming a cardholder just follow the simple steps above to see if qualify.

Once you’ve been approved for the Milestone credit card you must wait for it to arrive in the mail which typically takes 8-14 business days. Then you’ll need to activate your card and register for online access to manage your new card online. Through the online portal you’ll be able to monitor all of your account activity, make payments, setup autopay or bill pay, monitor available purchasing power, get priority Milestone card support and much more!

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